Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

We open the future of the tester.

Semiconductor industry to support a part of the tip most of the Japanese economy.
I get rid of conventional industry structure, and this semiconductor industry regarded as power of traction to carry next-generation Japan on is trained well with quality, performance, production capacity and every aspect in fierce international competition and acquires a world highest level now.

We testram continued original development of products / sale in this semiconductor industry in the field of the important testing system which played its part.
It is generous and does a young company's custom to be able to perform a technique, exchange of opinions with a motto without persisting in common sense and convention since the establishment of a business, and the thing demanded from on the site of the development that continues changing every moment persists in anything, posture to receive anything in advance with the nature of last tester which will be demanded from now on.
I insisted on the advantage that two steps of one step led than others in a technique and the originality and built trust and the results from the establishment of a business steadily in only several years.

It is sensitive to an environmental change and is not always afraid that I challenge every possibility.
I cast the all power of all companies into the field that we are good at without neglecting to listen to new technical information.
I believe their dreams and inherit the enthusiasm from the establishment of a business those days when we talked about possibility and challenger mind as a tradition without changing, and we will send a development supporting the times steadily out from now on in the world.

President message

A big ear and a hard mouth.
By power to hear the needs of the visitor and the perfect obligation of keeping secrecy system, I meet the trust of the visitor.

It is quite a matter of course that a guarantee of quality includes the biggest anxiety of the visitor.
As for several steps, the testram goes ahead of a visitor and worries about the unseen product.
I have developed a predictive technique of the module peal off possibility because I did the worry that a module came off before a chip card was broken. The testram regards that "I get rid of the worry of the visitor" as an important mission.
In addition, the testram laid the absolute obligation of keeping secrecy system about visitor information since before "control management" became the problem. As a result of having had longtime trust in such an action posture, domestic many vendors continue being our visitors.

resident and representative director  Yoshinari Hirota

Quality control

It is introduced at a price, and quality is evaluated.

The Testram guarantees the reliability of the chip card with the semiconductor test technology that I cultivated in an LSI tester.
For us who continued studying a semiconductor test, I incorporate various testing equipments in a production device, and fusion of a semiconductor test and the chip card test is what I can perform in the technique that accumulated so far easily.
It provides high productivity by the spot of the visitor to provide the product which I customized in "the part of one ten" in the production spot that is not large at all.

At first, please talk with testram if you think, "you want to compromise with neither a function nor an introduction price".
At a reasonable price, the high function of the wish is available.
I cope with the addition of the test item to ship more solid LSI flexibly as requested and provide "a price" and surprise of the twice of "the quality".