Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

We carve out a new future of Tester .

The industry of semiconductor is the key to sustain the Japanese economy.
This Japanese semiconductor has been said 'Stepping out from the existing industrial structure and brings the next level of economical growth'.Now, the Japanese semiconductor obtained the world’s best technologies and product quality from various sides.

We Testram have being pursed our own R&D and sales in the test system field which has an important role in the semiconductor industry.
Since our founding, we have raised our motto that allows free and open-minded discussions without having the outdated stereotypes of common sense and custom. What is the most needed in the current actual R&D practice in industries in an ever-changing global economy that is what we are always questioning to ourselves and pursing and challenging to provide for the best solution. We are proudly claim our originality and technologies and these have led our business to be successful in a short time from we established this company.

We never hesitate to challenge for the bright new future.
Always looking for categories which we could try our best and good at along with a new technology information.
We will continuously deliver our products to the world that believed to sustain the technological industry opens a new era.

President message

Be open-minded but yet discreet .
Earn the trust and confidence of society with the confidentiality obligation and the anticipation of customers' needs.

The biggest customers' concern is quality assurance for sure.
We Testram proceed with the careful consideration to develop a new product.
That discretion has led us to develop a forecasting technology for module chipping since we were so conscious about module chipping before an IC card broken. We take our mission as "Reduce customers' concern" .
In addition to that, Testram have focused on the confidentiality obligation for customers way before governance and its management became critical issues. Such our attitude brought customers' trust for a long time and a lot of customers still bond good relationships to us.

President  Yoshinari Hirota

Quality control

Introduced by a price, Satisfied by a quality .

Testram guarantees the reliability of IC cards based on the semiconductor testing technology cultivated in an LSI tester.
Incorporating various tests in production equipment and integrating tests for semiconductor and IC cards is simple to us, those who have been studying about semiconductor testing.
Providing the customized product which works as a ten role in one equipment brings high productivity in a narrow production site.

Please contact to us if you do not want to compromise neither a feature nor a price.".
Highly qualified features are available at low cost.
We will surely make customers surprised by our 'Price' and 'Quality' along with our customers ' needs.