T8300MkII [evaluation equipment of the non-contact card]


Reliable security of "the ISO14443 compliant" to any contactless IC card.

Measure the ability of contactless IC card as specified in ISO 14443.
The signal from the reader/writer is freely varied, and for the RF strength, modulation degree, frequency, modulation timing, etc.
we will clarify the applicable range.

It quatifies the reception capability of the IC and the characteristics of the transmission signal from the IC.

※ Type A ・ Type B ・ Sony made FeliCa (Type C) compatible.
(note) "FeliCa( feh Rika )" is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

Basic function Polling function
Wave-form monitor function
Function function
Load abnormality
I apply a strong electric field
APD editing
Trigger setting function for waveform measurement
Electrical characteristic evaluation Movement frequency range evaluation
Evaluation by the start right or wrong evaluation boot-time variableness by the magnetic field rise time
Movement magnetic field strength range evaluation
Movement abnormality degree range evaluation
Permission character space evaluation
I evaluate it in permission SOF timing
I evaluate it in permission EOF timing
Evaluation minimum reply time by the variableness of the abnormality level arrival time
System constitution Main body of T8300 / PC / monitor
A real-time spectrum analyzer or digital oscilloscope
Power supply AC100V15A