T8200[Device for mass productions]


Out of worry of the antenna quality unevenness, I look after a visitor at full speed.

It is a tester measuring a resonance frequency and the Q level of the antenna of an IC tag, the chip card being aware of a mass production.

The number of the simultaneous measurement is an 8-32 antenna. 0.5 seconds a little as for the time necessary for one measurement.
I realize high throughput and cost performance found in the mass production spot and support the shipment of the stable IC tag, chip card of the quality more.

I cope with the requests such as the changes of the antenna design.
The device is compact, and the integration to a production device is possible, too.
When I incorporate it in product line, I perform simultaneous measurement from 1ch to 32ch and judge PASS/FAIL.

It is hard to break down and the maintenance is easy and offers the security that a visitor "can see".

Basic function Resonance frequency measurement (1MHz - 100MHz, resolving power 1kHz or 50,000 points)
Q level
32 number of the simultaneous measurement -8 antenna - antenna (option)
measurement time required -0.5 second / times (do not include conveyance time)
System constitution Inspection head / power supply BOX / PC / monitor
Power supply AC100V15A