T8200[Device for mass productions]


We will protect customer's worry from variations in antenna quality at full speed.

It is an insepection device which measures the resonance frequency and the Q value anttenna of the IC tag/IC card.

The number of simultaneous measurements is 8 to 32 antennas.
The time required for one measurement is only 0.5secounds.
It realizes high throughput and cost performance required for mass production sites.

We support the shipment of IC tags and IC cards with stable quality and also we respond to requests such as antenna design.
The device is compact and can be incorporated into production equipment.

When incorporating in the production line, simultaneous measurement from 1ch to 32ch is performed and PASS/FAIL judgment is done.

It is hard to break and easy to maintain, providing a sense of security that you can see.

Basic function Resonance frequency measurement (1MHz - 100MHz, resolving power 1kHz or 50,000 points)
Q level
32 number of the simultaneous measurement -8 antenna - antenna (option)
measurement time required -0.5 second / times (do not include conveyance time)
System constitution Inspection head / power supply BOX / PC / monitor
Power supply AC100V15A