T8000[Inspection publication device of the contact card]

  【press-type card measurement jig (option)】  

The technique that knew everything about a semiconductor.
The various functions that were supported by certainty.

I measure the DC measurement of the contact type chip card automatically and am a device processing data encoding with the command file automatically.

The wave-form monitor of the ATR is possible, too.
The simplicity that the operation only inserts a chip card in a tester. The test result is output automatically, too.
When I incorporate it in product line, I perform simultaneous measurement of 1ch - 32ch and carry out a judgment of PASS/FAIL.

Basic function DC function examination (opening, shortstop, leak, Icc power supply electric current, examination of input and output voltage level)

Function examination (command response examination in conformity with the standard, consecutive renewal examinations)
System constitution Main body of T8000 / PC / monitor
Power supply AC100V15A