Examination for contact,contactless smart card publication device

  【Examination of non-contact publicatio】 【Examination of communication】
【Examination of non-contact publication】    

I support relief to quality before the second publication strongly.

I perform inspection .0 next .1 next publication of a contact type, the non-contact IC card, and the finals before the second publication are devices testing.

It supports the chip card of the combination type, dual type.
Inspection, the printing of the curve thickness, communication, contact part, non-contact department publishes it and I apply a strong electric field more and can add the Q level measurement experimentally.

Contact, non-contact is the results of 20ch by inspection, publication at the same time and supports mass production strongly.
I manage the ID data with a host PC and provide security "to always understand what you produce".
I am confident of stability, long time operation demanded in the mass production spot.

Basic function The zeroth publication .1 next publication
Examination for curve thickness
ID reading
Examination for communications distance (examination of polling)
Examination for contact department publication (cf. VIC8000)
Examination for non-contact department publication
The resonance frequency and Q level measurement
Laser marking
Reference external form dimensions The main body: 6,000W X 1800H X 1000D (mm)
(published by contact, 20 non-contact device, full specifications type)
Demand facilities Three aspect 200V30A
Air 0.5Mpa 70L/min