Jacket antenna terminal welding equipment


"The antenna which does not come off" brings a merit of "thinness, the stable quality".

In the case of antenna processing for IC tag, chip cards, it is a device joining a jacket part, an antenna terminal part by resistance welding.

Strength is high more thinly than kashime processing and can produce antennas without the unevenness of the resistance level.
I become needless, and both sides etching can reduce production cost by doing jacket Welding to an antenna of the one side etching.

In addition, with an option, I can perform the resonance frequency measurement (VRF8200P) of the antenna, an examination for IC tag properties (HF zone, UHF zone correspondence).

Antenna welding example Cu (copper )/PET/Cu( copper) model inlet
Al (aluminum )/PET/Al( aluminum) model inlet
The welding time required Approximately 1.4 seconds (include it in a top and bottom electrode operating time)
System constitution Weld head, welding power supply, welding transformer, chiller, monitor
Power supply Three aspect 200V30A
Correspondence jacket type It is arbitrary with size, the position
Welding load I control it in a road cell