Hologram signature panel tester

  【The Banking Inspection Department】 【Storing magazine department】

I make full use of an original special optical system.

I measure a signature panel (signature space), a hologram and contribute to the quality control improvement of the card by evaluating it.

This device performs the good or bad judgment of the hologram signature panel of the chip card face of a bill.
The supply of the card and the storing use an exclusive magazine and can set up to six magazines.

In addition, I locate an ionizer in supply, the storing magazine department and perform the electricity and prevention of static charge of the card.

Basic function I defeat Jolo, having signature panel or not +2 folds and give a bad test
Examination for poor hologram position defectiveness + hologram forwarding
Examination for poor signature panel hole + signature panel gap bet
Examination for poor signature panel forwarding bet
Reference external form dimensions The main body: 2,570W X 1650H X 700D (mm)
Demand facilities Three aspects 200V , Single-phase alternating current 100Vエア0.5Mpa 70L/minee aspect 200V, single-phase alternating current 100V
Air 0.5Mpa 70L/min