Module part bending stress durability testing equipment

  【Card set】 【Bending state of the module part】
【Operation, indication department】 【Module part bending stress durability testing equipment (animation)】  

According to ISO : ISO/IEC10373-1 or JISX6305-1,ISO/IEC CD24789-2:2008-04

Equipment that performs stress durability test on torsional characteristics of IC card.
There is a function to automatically stop when the set number of times is reached.

Safety mechanism: Emergency stop switch, Interlock type cover

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Basic function The number of the examinations: Five pieces of long sides
Bending speed : 30 times/m of fixation, variableness 10-50 times/m
Quantity of bending : I obey ISO/IEC10373-1 or JISX6305-1 and ISO/IEC CD24789-2:2008-04 standard
Operation panel Start switch, stop switch, main power switch
Speed fixed variable choice switch, the speed adjustment volume
Six columns of counters (indication, number of times setting button)
Emergency stop switch
Others I return to the origin at the time of the stop. (except emergency stop)
I have fine adjustment mechanism of the quantity of bend.
Safe mechanism Emergency stop switch, interlock-type cover
External form dimensions The main body: 304.0W X 303.0H X 352.0D (mm)
Power supply AC100V