【Production screen】  

I support the mass production of the high accumulation many pins device strongly.

I can test it at up to four same time.
By reasonable pricing, the enlargement of the main body of tester is easy.

In high fault tolerance and clear user interface, I help with an effective mass production.

・Up to 2,048 pins (PMU up to 128)
・It can be equipped with a large current power supply (HCDPS) of up to 60A
・Up to 4DUT simultaneous measurement
・I prepare for a function function (up to 144 pins) corresponding to the setting / information reading by JTAG

The number of the correspondence pins Up to 2,048 pins
The number of the simultaneous measurement devices Four (512 pin /DUT))
Test item The simple function measurement
The DC parametric measurement (a current applied voltage measures voltage amperometry to apply)
Main body external form dimensions, weight 570W×1582H×800D (mm)・200kg
Test head external form dimensions, weight 430W×326.4H×580D (mm)・50kg