【Production screen】  

To the new horizon of test rate 20MHz.

It is flexible and supports the high value-added LSI development of the 20MHz zone.
I shorten the distance from the new idea of the visitor to the market.

■Test rate of 20MHz
■Up to 256 pin I/O
■Up to 8DUT simultaneous measurement. Furthermore, I contribute to shortening by the SPMU deployment at test time
■V800, V777, upward compatibility with V7100

The number of the correspondence pins Up to 256 pin I/O
The number of the simultaneous measurement devices Eight (32 pin /DUT)
Test item The function measurement, IDDQ measurement unit (option)
The DC parametric measurement (a current applied voltage measures voltage amperometry to apply)
Main body external form dimensions, weight 730W×813H×1010D (mm)・200kg
Test head external form dimensions, weight 495.2W×315.7H×720D (mm)・50kg