It is an IC card related device maker understanding a semiconductor.
The Testram does not do that I cannot do it.『I should be able to do it』Let me think together.

News release

December 14, 2016
The HP is renewed.

Product information

IC card device

Semiconductor tester

■IC card・tag tester
■IC card-related device (production device, equipment for development)
■Opening shortstop tester
■LSI logic tester

Quality assurance

By a customer satisfaction survey by U.S. VLSI Research company, Testram was chosen as ten best.
The evaluated item is 「Quality」.

At first, please talk with Testram if you think, "you want to compromise with neither a function nor an introduction price".
At a reasonable price, the high function of the wish is available. In the addition of the test item to ship more solid LSI,
I cope flexibly and offer "a price" and 2 degrees surprise of "the quality" as requested.