List of products

IC card・tag tester


Contactless Smart Card Tester


Resoance Frequency Tester
for Mass Production


Contact IC Card Test
and Issuing Machine

T8200PRO New

LF/HF Resonance Frequency Tester

Resonance frequency test Probe for T8200PRO

for Card

for Tag

T8200UD end of production

Low-Cost Resonance Frequency Tester
End of Sale on March 31, 2018

IC card-related device 【production device】

Examination for contact, contactless IC card publication device


Examination for contact, non-contact COT publication device


A module for IC cards comes off; a tester   


Jacket antenna terminal welding equipment


Hologram signature panel tester



IC card-related device 【equipment for development】

Bending stress durability testing equipment

Torsion stress durability testing equipment

Module part bending stress durability testing equipment

Three wheel testing equipment

Semiconductor tester