Three wheel testing equipment

  【Card set】 【8N weight】

【Operation, indication department】 【Three wheel test(animation)】  

ISO/IEC10373-1 or JISX6305-3 conformity

It is a device that performs a stress durability test on the pressurizing characteristics of the module part of the smart card.Periodically move between the three feed rollers to test the mechanical reliability of the module section.Cards of 6P modules can also be tested by exchanging guide parts.

As safe mechanism, I adopt an emergency stop switch and an interlock-type cover.

This product because of order industrial goods the delivery date until our business charge.

Basic function The number of the examinations: One piece
Bending speed : 30 times/m of fixation, variableness 10-50 times/m
Pressure test : 8N load (weight part)
Option : Weight part for 15N
Operation panel Start switch, stop switch, main power switch
Speed fixed variable choice switch, the speed adjustment volume
Six columns of counters (indication, number of times setting button)
Emergency stop switch
Others Return to the origin at the time of the stop. (except emergency stop)
Possible for 8P module card and 6P module card by changing guide parts
Safe mechanism Emergency stop switch, interlock-type cover
External form dimensions The main body:W330.0×H432.0×D322.0 (mm)
Power supply AC100V